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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Shout for Sprouts

A Shout for Sprouts

Sprouting has been lots of fun!  These tiny powerhouses contain necessary nutrients like calcium, magnesium, iron and even protein! 

If you've never tried sprouting before, you will find it easy, inexpensive, and delightful!!
 I personally love mung beans for their light and crisp flavor and amaranth sprouts for their corn taste, my husband loves the alfalfa for their peppery-ness.  They all have their own lovely flavors.  

How does our PERMIEFAMILY use them?

We eat them on salads, alone with olive oil and salt, and we are beginning the art of sprouting breads!

                                 !!!You can sprout just about any bean or seed!!!

Get yourself a sprout bag and start with one of these

Green pea

Just pour a cup or so (depending on the size of your grain,seeds or beans) into a large mouthed quart sized glass mason jar.  Fill with pure water.
Soak for 12 hours or overnight. 
Pour them into your sprout bag.

Rinsing: Immerse bag in sink or pot filled with water for 30 seconds.
Give it a gentle massage.
Do this twice a day.  3 times is even better, especially if it's hot outside!

Draining: Hang your bag to drain, lay on a dish rack, dishwasher, or oven rack

You can also use the jar method which is a bit more complicated than the sprout bag.  
There are different sized openings for the lids to use for different sized beans.  I've found the plastic lids works well.  

Pour in a few tablespoons of seeds or beans.  
Soak them overnight
Rinse for a minute or so 
Drain all of the water out
Place jar at an angle so any remaining water drains
Do this 2-3 times a day

In 3-6 days they will be ready to enjoy!
Keep in sprout bag or glass jar in the fridge for 7-14 days.

  Happy sprouting!