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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Our Backyard Diary

February 2014
  The seeds are growing strong so far.

  We started seeds for the Spring Garden! 

  The kitchen is coming along beautifully.

January 2014!  Happy New Year!
We began creating what will eventually be the outdoor kitchen!  So exciting!


  This pond was discovered buried in our yard, filled with rocks, and mud!  We found a solar pump online but not sure if that one will work, but the pond sure is pretty.

December 2013
  Got our first eggs!!  Thanks chickens!


October 2013
  Started a new Food Forest Garden that will be centered around banana trees

September 2013
  Attended Intro to Food Forest Workshop with the amazing Terry Meer @ The Green Education Center

  Began our first Forest Garden: Ornamental Peanut, Mint, Oregano, Avocado, Cranberry Hibiscus, Sweet Potato, Fig, and Blackberry.  Our yard just so happens to have a ton of elephant ears so we decided to use them as our organic matter or green mulch...aka chop and drop

July 2013
  Brought home baby chicks!

  A short time later we put our "new" chicken coop, created from
 trash scavenged from our neighborhood, to the test.

  The chicks dig it!  ;)

April 2013
  Made our first garden, The Heart Garden, which contained mostly Mexican oregano, mint, and basil.
March 2013
  We were married at Rainbow Springs State Park. 

  We decided that we would love to fill our backyard with as much food as possible and as naturally and efficient as possible.  We plan to eventually hold events and classes in our yard.