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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Soil Testing

Garden Soil Test 

  We have noticed in our yard that we have what appears to be very good, fertile soil. We don't have any issues with things growing in our yard, we have tons of worms, but our plants will flower, and never produce any fruit, or veggies!  We know that means something is off in the soil.

 So, we decided to run a few tests on the soil, in order to determine what could be missing in the equation.  We purchased a tester from Lowe's that will analyze the conditions of the soil. The kit was around $10. Here are the results.

Heart garden soil test 

Soil ph... 7
Nitrogen... low
Potassium... medium
Phosphorus... medium

Now that we know our soils nitrogen is low we can increase it in one or more of the following ways.

Ways to raise nitrogen

Nitrogen fixing plants
Organic fertilizers, fish emulsion
Composted manure
Green mulch

Tomato garden soil test

Soil ph... 7
Nitrogen... Low/med
Potassium... High
Phosphorus... Low

Now that we have this handy information we can increase the phosphorus by adding rock phosphate.

Yummy fruits and veggies soon to come!