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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


 5 Edible Weeds You Can Eat Raw

  It's very exciting to learn of all the edible plants that grow wild all around us.  Get yourself a field guide and go on some local herb walks with someone that can identify and soon you will see everything around you as nutritious food and necessary medicine.

 Here are 5 weeds that are edible in their raw state.  Be absolutely sure that you have identified them with certainty before eating.

Chickweed-leaves and stems



Wood sorrel-leaves




False dandelion-leaves



Tips on foraging

*Always be sure you have correctly identified your plant
*Harvest it ethically by not disturbing the nature of the area, taking from the middle-mostly leaving the smallest and biggest alone.
*Be sure that the plants haven't been sprayed with chemicals before consuming.  
*Give thanks to nature for providing 

!!Happy foraging!!